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Hi There and Welcome,
Just what is Blue Line Eraser™?  Blue Line Eraser™ is a fab-u-lous product.  What does it do?  It erases those blue water soluble marker lines.  The blue lines that are suppose to come out with water, but don't.  They do now, with Blue Line Eraser™, lines go away and stay away!  But wait... it just gets better!  Even if you have ironed those blue lines.... Yep, you guessed it, Blue Line Eraser™ will remove them.  I know, it's amazing!

Let me tell you the story;
Blue Line Eraser™was created after years of desperation. I couldn't find an easy, fast way to remove blue water soluble lines. Hay, I'm a long arm quilter, I don't have time to repeatedly soak my quilts with water only to have the lines come back and even bleed through to the back.  Head slap.... I thought, you've spent over 15 years working with formulas for different things, get yourself in gear and solve your problem. So, I did.  Everyone  who uses those blue water soluble markers will be glad I did!

When you try this product for yourself, all you have to do is spritz your project.  Of course the lines will disappear but, this is were it get's exciting! The lines won't come back, honest!  You'll be watching the fabric as it dries, waiting for the lines to reappear. They don't! Yea!. The lines don't come back, they don't spread and don't bleed to the back of your projects.  Just like the label says,
                                             Blue Line Eraser™
                                    Lines go away and stay away!

If you have marked lines that have been on your project for a while and are a little stubborn to remove try using the Blue Line Eraser™ applicator pen (the great persuader) to rub the lines away...... anyway you apply Blue Line Eraser makes removing the lines as easy.

Blue Line Eraser™ is a proprietary
blend of biodegradable ingredients
in a water base.
Blue Line Eraser  1-208-677-3966
Proudly Made in the USA

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